Wired To Grow:

Wired To Grow:

How to Design You Business So It’ll Grow Faster With Less Stress and More Predictability


Most small businesses struggle because they haven’t been designed to grow. And one of the primary reasons why they haven’t been designed to grow is that they’re usually led by an owner/entrepreneur who was a specialist/technician (i.e. someone with a skill/trade or someone who came up through one part of a business—for ex. the sales function). The problem, of course, is that once someone becomes the owner of a business, they’re no longer just a specialist, now they have to be good at a whole range of things (from HR to accounting and from leadership to management).

So, what this talk does is it offers business and organizational leaders a framework to think about the whole of their business (what I refer to as the six key areas of executive attention—strategy, leadership, management, marketing, money, and you). And then once they get their heads and hands around that framework, I provide them with a whole slew of practical and tactical ideas in each one of those six areas so they can build a business designed for maximum growth, impact and profitability. In essence, this talk is designed to give them the framework they need to wire their business for growth.

What Your Attendees Will Learn

  • They’ll learn a framework they can use every week to better guide their business for growth
  • They’ll learn how to better formulate a strategy that can position them for rapid growth
  • They’ll learn how to create a systematic marketing approach that will deliver a more dependable stream of leads, customers and raving fans
  • They’ll learn how to be a better leader
  • They’ll learn how to be a more effective manager of talent
  • They’ll learn how to reduce their cash conversion cycle
  • They’ll learn how to be more productive personally
  • And they’ll learn how to approach their business from a systems approach.

Your Next Step:

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