To Be Great You Have to Be Good

There’s a lie that a lot of business experts are espousing these days that’s detrimental to you, as a leader, and to the health and growth of your business. It comes in one of two forms.

  • “To be great, you have to be bad” … or
  • “No one wins playing to their weaknesses so forget your weaknesses and play to your strengths. That’s how winning is done.”

To understand how detrimental this philosophy is to you and your business, make sure you watch this week’s video on, “To be great, you have to be good.” It really is critical to the health and vitality of your business.

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In light of what you just watched, what is the single biggest constraint that you need to tackle this quarter? Don’t worry about fixing everything at once. Pick one idea per quarter and three years from now, you’ll have brought twelve areas from weaknesses to competent/good levels and both you and your business will be better because of it.

Remember, the best path toward building a great business is to build a scalable business that’s well-designed, well-led, well-managed, well-marketed and well-funded.

To your accelerated success!

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P.P.S. If you’re not familiar with the six key areas, click on the following image to see a larger image of the six.

WTG Way Screen Shot Image

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