The First Sale Is To Yourself

When you wake up in the morning, how excited are you about your work and what you offer to the world?

Are you jazzed because you’re absolutely confident that what you have to say/offer is something of great value that other people desperately need or want? Or do you wake up feeling like it’s just another day and, at some point, you’re going to have to try to convince some other people that what you have to say/offer is something they need?

The difference between those two different attitudes/perspectives is rather significant. Those in the former camp usually get to experience all the rewards that accrue to those who lead their field, while those in the later camp usually tend to struggle and wonder why can’t they achieve what the winners in their niche/category are achieving.

One solution to this problem is to practice what Alan Weiss (my first mentor in the consulting business) refers to as “The first sale is to yourself.” What he means by this is that you have to begin EVERY DAY with the deep rooted belief that you have value to bring to the world (and your customers).

In other words, if you don’t wake up feeling this way, your job number one is to “sell yourself” on what you have (or your company has) to offer the world.—that you have something of great value that you would be remiss if you didn’t offer to others.

When you really believe that to the core of your being, it’s amazing how that changes everything (Note: If you haven’t watched my video on “The Hustle Factor” you ought to watch that now).

When I used to train pastors (in my previous career) on how to preach one of the things I used to say is, “You have to believe to the core of your being that what you have to say this Sunday is the most important thing anyone could hear that day.”

In fact, when I was preaching between the fall of 1989 and June of 2005, I used to work on my attitude every week to the point where I “believed” that if anyone went to any other church, or chose to sleep in, or chose to watch Meet the Press, or chose to go to Home Depot that morning, that they were losing out. That the single most important thing they could do with their time that Sunday morning was to come to church and listen to the message I had for them because it was exactly what they needed in order to experience the kind of life they wanted.

Now, when you think like that, what do you think that does to everything you do? It takes it up a huge notch. It made it easier for me to invite people to church. It made me work harder on my messages. It changed the way I carried myself. It lifted my sense of passion and energy. It made my messages better. It caused our people to be more excited about church. And it caused them to want to bring their friends to church. In other words, it was contagious.

But it all began with me selling me on me and what I had to offer. It wasn’t about a technique. It wasn’t about a process. It wasn’t about a new tactic or strategy. It was about what went on in my head. And once I was “sold” it made it infinitely easier to “sell” it to others.

So, back to you, how are you doing on this? Are you absolutely convinced day-by-day that what you have to say/offer is something of great value that the people in your target market desperately need/want—and that if you don’t offer it, they’ll be at a loss?

If not, and you’d like to do a better job of making the first sale to yourself, here’s an idea you might try. Why don’t you create a “My Daily First Sale Script,” for yourself? In other words, instead of writing a sales script to sell one of your products or services, why don’t you create a sales script to sell you on you?

For example, you might start with a line like this.

“The people in my target market ought to listen to what I have to say (or buy what I have to offer) because of …”

Then I’d encourage you to write a long list of reasons why you (or your company) are the perfect match for the people in your target market (a minimum of 10 reasons, but 20 to 30 are better). Make this your brag sheet. Pump yourself up. Be your own greatest cheerleader! And keep working on it until when you read it you think, “Anyone would be crazy to not use me (or my company).”

Finally, if you want to get the most from this, I’d encourage you to read your list every morning (hence the title, “My Daily First Sales Script”) until it sinks in and you really believe it to the core of your being. Why? Because if you will, you’ll find that a month or two from now, you’ll be in a radically different place. And why am I so confident about that? Because the first sale is always to yourself.

If you can’t sell you on you (or sell you on your products and services), then you can’t effectively sell others on you (or on your products and services). But if you’re absolutely sold on you (as well as your products and services) there’s absolutely no question, your business will be transformed because all change begins in your head.

So, if you really want to skyrocket your business, make sure that every day, shortly after you get up, the first sale you make is to yourself.

To your accelerated success!

P.S. If you have some other ideas about how to pump yourself up in the morning, make sure you share them with us in the comments section below!

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