The 10 Drivers of a Fast Growth Culture

If you’re curious what the 10 Drivers are that I discuss in my book, Breaking Through Plateaus: How to Get Your Business Back On a Double-Digit Growth Curve By Creating a Culture That Automatically Produces It!” and how they all matter, I thought the best way to do that would be to share with you the Table of Contents first.

Chapter 1: “Move Faster, Succeed Sooner”

Driver #1: Speed of Implementation

Chapter 2: “Do Less, Accomplish More”

Driver #2: Leverage 

Chapter 3: “Tweak, Test, Repeat”

Driver #3: Optimization

Chapter 4: “Stop Trying to Move 50 Things Down the Field at Once”

Driver #4: Focus

 Chapter 5: “Make Execution One of Your Core Competencies”

Driver #5: Discipline

Chapter 6: “Clearly Define Why You’re Different”

Driver #6: Differentiation

Chapter 7: “Stay on the Front Side of the S-Curve”

Driver #7: Addition 

Chapter 8: “Do It Once, Then Forget About It”

Driver #8: Systems

Chapter 9: “Add CMO to Your Title” (Chief Morale Officer)”

Driver #9: Morale

Chapter 10: “Never Forget, Even in Business, It’s All About Love!”

Driver #10: Love

Why They Matter

So, here’s why they matter. If you don’t have the right culture in place, even if you choose the correct strategy or tactic, it won’t be as effective. For example, if you don’t have a culture of fast execution (Driver #1), then it’ll take you months or years before you’ll execute on an idea you have (and by then, the opportunity will have passed).

However, if you have a culture of fast execution, but you don’t have a culture of focus (Driver #4), then you’ll be executing ideas all over the place and neither your staff nor your customers/prospects will know what you’re all about or what you really offer.

On the other hand, if you have a culture of fast execution and focus, but you don’t have a culture of love (Driver #10), then you won’t have raving fans or excited employees who are producing at a higher level.

That’s why all ten of these drivers matter. No, you don’t have to have 10’s in all ten of these, but the closer each of these 10 Drivers is to a ten, the greater the likelihood that you’ll have a fast growth culture. And when you have a fast growth culture, everything else gets infinitely easier. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that some of those tactics and ideas you’ve tried in the past that didn’t work, will now. Why? Because it’s always culture first!

To your accelerated success!

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