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Here Are My Latest Posts On Growing and Scaling Your Business

How to Immediately Improve Your Company Culture

If you've grown your company past the first few employees, chances are you've wrestled with culture issues. When it was just you and a handful of employees, your culture was you and you controlled it. However, as you've added employees, with fewer and fewer of them...

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What To Do When Your Team Is Behind On Their Targets

We’ve all been there. You created a set of targets (e.g. KPIs or key performance indicators) for your team. And halfway through the quarter or halfway through the year you already know (and they probably know, as well), they’re not going to hit their targets. What...

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The Four “Musts” of Scaling Any Business

Have you ever tried to solve a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle without a box top? If you have, then you know it's pretty difficult.Why? Because it's hard to create something when you don't know exactly what that something you're supposed to create looks like.Well, that same...

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