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Helped Me Sell My First Company Within Six Months For More Money

“After our first meeting, where Bruce talked about the need to systematize our entire business into a BRB (Business Run Book), I made it one of my first quarterly projects to do just that. And because of the accountability, I made sure it got done before our next coaching club meeting (otherwise, it probably wouldn’t have been done). A few weeks later, I was contacted by someone who wanted to buy my business—and did so specifically because the entire operations of my business were all systematized. That was a quick ROI (and I received a higher valuation because of my BRB). Having sold that company, I decided to stay in coaching club because I want to scale up my new business faster and more effectively than my previous one so I can eventually build out a portfolio of companies I own.”

Brent Tatum

President and Owner, Mosquito Squad