How to Make Major Progress on a Project That’s Been Dogging You in a Day

If you’re like most entrepreneurial leaders, you have a huge list of things you want to get done. And on that list, there are probably more than a few items that have been around for a while, right? In fact, chances are you’ve written them down on multiple lists over and over again—and yet they’re still not completed.

So, how can you turn that around? Answer: Take a Day!

The items we’re talking about can’t be completed in fifteen minute blocks in between meetings, emails, phone calls, and appointments. They’re the projects and “to do’s” that have been dogging you for some time that you just never seem to be able to find the time to complete.

In order to finally turn those projects that you never seem to have time for into reality, here’s a simple three-step process to follow.

Step One: Identify Your Top Needle-Moving Project(s)

If you’re going to take a whole day to focus on some activity, it ought to be an activity that has a powerful ROI to it. So, out of all the things you have on your “to do” list, which are the ones that could have the greatest impact on your business (or would relieve the most stress from your life)?

For example

  • Create a job description for a virtual assistant, clearly define what tasks they’d be responsible for, review online resumes and set up interviews with potential virtual assistants
  • Create a systemic marketing campaign for a new product, write first draft of marketing copy for web, print, email and social media outlets
  • Reorganize staffing structure, create staff developmental plans for each direct report, determine next hire and create job a description
  • Shoot ten videos for a social media marketing campaign (or write 12 autoresponder messages to encourage engagement and upsell to new more expensive product)
  • Create a new product to sell
  • Create next quarter’s plan
  • Write six blog posts and two articles for publication
  • Systemize two processes you’re currently stuck doing so you can delegate them to someone else
  • Go through your database, create a list of people to ask for referrals from and then call through the first twenty

Note: If you need to block out a day to just clean  your office and inbox, that’s not a bad thing either. The psychic energy from doing that could make everything you do in your office better 🙂

Step Two: Completely Block Off an Entire Day

I mean completely. That means

  • No email
  • No meetings
  • No phone calls
  • No interruptions
  • No sales calls
  • No ‘nuttin

You’re the boss. Just block off the whole day. If you can go on vacation or go to a conference, you can take a day (it’s kind of like a stay-cation … just with work 🙂

Make no exceptions. You’re available over 200+ days a year. This is not one of them. Block it off…completely!

Step Three: Focus on Just One Project At a Time

Despite what you may want to believe, multitasking is NOT your friend. Doing multiple things at the same time kills productivity. So don’t do that.

Pick your number one project (the one with the greatest impact) and work on that until it’s completed.

You’ve got a whole day. So if your project takes you all day or half a day, who cares? You’ve blocked off the whole day. So start with project one. Knock it off your “to do” list and if you get nothing else done, who cares? You’re the boss and you’ll have just knocked off the number one project that’s been holding you back.

Don’t over-complicate this process. Keep it simple.

  1. Identify your top needle moving projects(s)
  2. Block off an entire day
  3. Focus on one project at a time

That’s it. Don’t let the simplicity of this idea (or any idea) get in the way of taking action. The most powerful ideas in this world are simple.

So when are you going to schedule your next needle-moving project day? And what needle-moving project do you need to focus on that day (or what project has been dogging you for the longest time that you never seem to have time to make progress on)?

To your accelerated success!

P.S. Remember, you can’t move your business forward if you’re constantly in reactive mode (i.e. reacting to or responding to other people’s emails, meetings, phone calls, questions, etc.).

To move forward, you have to be the driver. And that means that you have to create time in your schedule to focus on what you believe can move your business forward—which means, by definition, that  you can’t let other people’s agendas (including your employees’) to control your schedule. So, when are you going to schedule your next needle-moving day?



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