Are You Fast Enough to Win?

Over the next few weeks, our entire world will be focused on and fascinated with the upcoming Olympics in Rio. People who don’t normally follow sports or care at all about track and field or swimming or soccer or rowing or diving or beach volleyball or gymnastics etc....

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How to Run a Daily Meeting

Before you run away from this idea (i.e. if you’re thinking, “I already have way too many meetings in my life!”), just hang with me for a moment. As I wrote a few years ago, some of the most successful companies in the world use daily meetings (companies like Goldman...

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How to Get Big Projects Moving Forward

When you have a big project staring you in the face, what do you do? Or what do your people do? When you see a project like one of the following … Create a new revenue stream Open a new location Create and launch a new product Design a new employee performance review...

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