Strategic Planning

If you want to grow a bigger, better, faster, and more profitable business or organization (firm/institution/company/church/non-profit etc.), then you need to have a very intentional and strategic plan and process for creating it. Successful companies don’t just happen. They’re the end result of well-crafted strategic plans  that have been well-executed—in such a way that their target market customers find their company’s differentiators compelling, while still maintaining the kinds of margins necessary for healthy growth.

Furthermore, as the business owner or CEO (or senior executive) of your business (or organization), you know that one of your primary responsibilities is to help design the strategic direction of your company. Unfortunately, if you’re like most owners and CEOs, you don’t feel very comfortable with creating strategic plans (and even if you do, you know that it’s far better for you to participate in the process–than it is to direct it).

That’s why, in our continuing quest to help business owners and CEOs like you build bigger, better, faster and more profitable businesses and organizations, we’ve become experts at strategy formulation and implementation. In essence, we live, breathe, eat and sleep strategy, so you don’t have to.

What We Won’t Do

However, just because we’re strategy experts, doesn’t mean we’ll come in telling you the answers. What you know (and we do too) is that people own what they help create–which is why we’ve designed the strategic planning process  we use to be highly participatory (and fun!).

In addition, the end result of our process will NOT be a 300 page manual that no one will ever look at again (until  next year’s annual planning retreat), but rather a simple two-page strategic plan that everyone on your executive team will have and own (page one will be your business/organization’s strategy and page two will be their business unit’s tactical plan laid out in quarters).