If you want to make your next event a home run—you’ll want to use one or more of the following keynote messages (or workshop/seminar themes) for your meeting. Most of these topics can be presented in a one to three-hour format (or you can pick two for a three-hour time slot). Click here for a few samples of me in front of different size venues.

I. Strategy and Business Growth Messages
  • Wired To Grow: How to Build a Business Designed for Maximum Growth, Impact and Profitability [details]
  • Breaking Through Plateaus: How to Get Your Business Back on a Double-Digit Growth Curve—And Keep it There [details]
  • Becoming the Obvious Choice: How to Position Your Business as the Obvious Choice in Your Market Space [details]
II. Leadership Messages
  • Highly Effective Leadership: How to Employ the 7 Key Practices Great Leaders Use to Consistently Deliver Extraordinary Results Through Ordinary People [details]
  • Personality Type Leadership: How to Lead People Who Don’t Think, Act, and Feel Like You [details]
III. Marketing and Motivation Messages
  • Attract More Clients Like Clockwork: How to Consistently Generate All the New Leads and Prospects You Need to Grow Your Business [details]
  • Marketer-in-Chief: How to Think Like a Marketer So You Can Radically Improve Every Marketing Effort Your Business Engages In
  • Make it Remarkable: How to Turn Anything You’re Doing from Ordinary to Extraordinary. [details]
  • Presentations That Deliver Clients: How to Use Speaking to Generate More Leads, Attract More Clients, and Build Your  Status as an Expert [details]
  • Beyond Starbucks, Southwest and Nordstrom’s: How Everyday Businesses Like Yours Can Create and Deliver Remarkable Customer Experiences That Can Dramatically Increase Customer Retention and Referrals [details]
IV. Your Choice

Since I customize every presentation, if you have a specific need that’s not listed above, feel free to give me a call. After giving over 1,000 presentations on a wide variety of subjects, I can usually address most issues related to designing, leading, managing and marketing a small or medium-sized business.

Next Steps

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