The Number One Secret to Creating a Fast Growth Culture

If you could pick one thing that would accelerate the speed of growth for your business or organization, what would that one thing be? Or to put it another way, if you had to narrow everything you know about business and growth down to one thing, what would that one thing be?

Now, if you were to ask me that question I would argue that that one thing would be the speed of implementation of the senior leader of that business or organization. Why? Because at the end of the day, people do what people see. Good or bad, every organization takes on the culture of their senior leader.

So, if you’re the owner or CEO of your business (or organization), and you’re a highly relational person, chances are your business is very relational. If you’re not, it’s not. If you’re a highly creative person, chances are your business is highly creative. If you’re not, chances are it’s not. If you’re highly committed to excellence, chances are your business is. If you’re not (as in, you’re okay with typos and grammatical mistakes), chances are your organization is as well.

Like I said, for better or for worse, every organization becomes a direct reflection of their senior leader. Which means that if you want to create a fast growth business, then you (assuming you’re the owner or CEO or senior executive of your business/organization) need to model fast execution in your daily life. Why? Because people do what people see.

Or to put it another way, if you expect your people to execute quickly, but you take forever to make decisions, then you’ll never grow a fast growth business. Or if you leave a weekly staff meeting and come to next week’s staff meeting and still haven’t executed on all your items, what message do you think you’re sending to your people? Or if you say to one of your direct reports, “Hey, I’ll send you that pdf when I get back to my office,” but don’t until hours or worse, days later, what kind of culture are you creating?

In other words, the number one secret to creating a fast growth culture isn’t something out there. It’s something completely within your reach—which ought to be good news. Why? Because you are in complete control of you and the model you set.

So, if you want to create a fast growth business,

1. Do an honest assessment of your own speed of implementation.
Are you a fast implementor or not? Are you a fast decision maker or not? When you make a promise, do you get it done ASAP or not?

2. If you don’t, or you’re a slow implementor, or a slow decision-maker, then your next step should be to analyze, “Why?”
What misbeliefs are holding you back? What keeps you from executing faster? What stops you from making a fast decision and then sticking with it?

3. Counteract your negative beliefs with empowering ones.
For example, instead of saying, “This has to be perfect,” maybe you need to repeat Edison’s famous words to yourself, over and over again, “No one ever became rich pursuing perfection.”

4. Start modeling fast action.
Make it a game. “Let’s see how fast I can get this done.” Or create a 30-minute meeting with yourself after your weekly staff meeting so you can start executing within minutes of having left that meeting (that’ll clearly send a message). Or when you’re talking with someone on your team about following up on a lead, just pick up the phone and call the lead/potential client right then and there.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you’re modeling fast execution. Because, whether you like it or not, your people are watching what you do—which is why I say that if you want a fast growth company, the simplest and quickest way to ensure that happens is to make sure you’re the model for fast execution in your business or organization.

To your accelerated success!

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