From time to time, people will ask me about some of the tools I use for my business. So, in case you’re curious, here are some of my favorite tools. Note: Some of these are affiliate links, most are not. Regardless, they are what I use.

Website Tools

  • Shoppingcart: Kickstartcart
  • Email System: Aweber (I also like iContact)
  • Website and Blog Platform: WordPress (Install through Fantastico on your server. Very easy. Less than five minutes.)
  • Theme for my Blog: Headlines from WooThemes (I also like Canvas, but that’s a lot more work)

Computer and Software

  • Laptop: MacBook Pro (I’m a “Mac” guy from back in ’82 and the Original Lisa)
  • Screen Capture Software: Screenflow
  • Presentation Software: Keynote (Note: It’s cheaper and easier to order through the Apple App Store)

Video and Audio Tools

  • Camera: Kodak zi8
  • Video Software: iMovie
  • Audio Software: Garageband