Presentations That Deliver Clients:

How to Develop and Deliver Presentations That’ll Wow Your Audiences and Attract More Clients


If your attendees are in the professional services field, then one of the best ways to attract more new clients is through content marketing—and, more specifically, by establishing oneself as an expert/thought leader in that specific niche. There are there primary ways your attendees can do that, by writing, speaking and engaging in PR.

The problem with writing is that very few people contact an author of a book and say, “I want to hire you.” Likewise, very few people watch an expert being interviewed on TV and say, “I want to hire that person.” So, of the three primary ways of establishing expertise, speaking in front of a group of people (especially a group of 20 – 100 people) is the best way to both establish expertise and get new clients.

The problem, of course, is that very few professional service providers know how to obtain the right talks in front the right people, design those talks so that the people listening want to hire them, deliver them so that their audience is WOWed, and have a follow-up system in place in order to make sure those who are interested actually become clients.

So, if you’d like to solve all four of these problems for your attendees, this is the talk you’ll want for your next event.

Note: The more time you allocate for this talk/seminar, the more impact it’ll have on your attendees. It can be done in an hour, but two is better and four or five is even better. Depending on location, I’ve also done this in two parts—which makes it easier for attendees who are worried about their billable hours for that week.

What Attendees Will Learn

  • They’ll learn why they should stop accepting panel invitations and events where buyers aren’t present
  • They’ll learn how to obtain the right kinds of talks in front of the right kinds of audiences where the people present are those who can actually buy their services
  • They’ll learn why most of the talks they’ve given in the past haven’t resulted in clients
  • They’ll learn how to craft their talks so that attendees will want to contact them
  • They’ll learn how to hook an audience
  • They’ll learn how to be a better presenter
  • They’ll learn how to avoid death by Powerpoint
  • They’ll learn how to get the names and contact information from those who might be interested in the work they do
  • They’ll learn how to create a follow-up system that ensures that the greatest number of interested people actually become clients.