Personality Type Leadership:

How to Lead People Who Don’t Think, Act, and Feel Like You


Almost all leaders make two classic mistakes

  1. They tend to lead everyone the same way
  2. The way they tend to lead everyone is the way they like to be lead

As you can imagine, those two key practices lead to a lot of frustration—for both the leader and the follower/employee. Why? Because no matter what someone’s personality type is, the majority of other people on planet earth are not like them. So, if a leader likes to be given general directions so they can fill in the blanks and create their own solutions, they’ll totally frustrate one of their employees who wants clear and precise step-by-step directions. They may think they’re being a good leader by not laying out step-by-step directions (their personal preference), when, in fact, they’re being a bad leader (by not considering the personality of the person they’re leading).

So, if you’re looking for a talk that will help your attendees have lots of “Ah-ha!” moments, help them understand themselves, and provide them with tons of insights on how to lead the people on their team who don’t think, act and feel like them, then this is the talk you’ll want for your next event.

Note: This can be done in an hour, but a two-hour slot (or longer) is better.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • They’ll learn why they have trouble leading certain people on their teams
  • They’ll learn how to speed-read their people to figure out what their personality temperaments are
  • They’ll learn the four major personality temperaments and how they each sees the world differently
  • They’ll learn how to create the right kinds of environment for each personality type to perform at their best
  • They’ll learn how to adjust their leadership style for each of the four temperaments
  • They’ll learn how to adjust their communication styles for each of the different temperaments
  • They’ll learn how to create a leadership profile for how they should deal with each of their direct reports