How to Overcome Disappointment in Business

As a business owner/entrepreneur there are few experiences more common than disappointment. We get disappointed by employees. We get disappointed by outsourcers. We get disappointed by vendors. We get disappointed by customers and prospects (especially those we thought were going to buy our product/service and then didn’t). We get disappointed by politicians and bureaucrats (and regulations that make it difficult to do our job), etc. Basically, disappointment is just a way of life for us (not a great career slogan :-).

However, what we often don’t do is we don’t talk about how to deal with it. Over the past few weeks I’ve had a lot of conversations with business owners and entrepreneurs and one of the major themes that’s come up is that a number of them are dealing with some form of disappointment, in many cases, in a significant way.

What I always find interesting about us is that most of us like to focus on hard skills. How can I learn how to grow my business faster with some new technique or marketing tactic. Or how can I become better at developing strategy or hiring and then leading better talent. Or how can we scale up our online advertising with the newest greatest social media platform. Or how can I become a better negotiator so I can close more deals, etc.

But the reality is that our biggest hindrances/obstacles to our success are usually on the soft skill side, not the hard skill side. It’s what takes place between our two ears that usually has the greatest impact and leverage on our success.

So, in light of that, I thought I’d shoot a video sharing with you what I think is one of the best ways to deal with and overcome disappointment in business and it has to do with learning to be a room person vs. a wall person. And to understand what that means, you’ll have to watch this week’s video, simply entitled, “How to Overcome Disappointment in Business.”



To your accelerated success!

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