One Simple Tweak That Can Immediately Improve All Your Marketing Efforts

Ever get frustrated that you’re not getting the kind of response you’d like to see from your marketing efforts?

Or ever get disappointed that you’re not seeing the kind of lead flow or ideal prospects in your lead flow that you’d like to see?

Well, if either of those are true for you, you’re not alone. Most business owners and entrepreneurs get frustrated and disappointed by the marketing efforts of their companies.

Sometimes it’s because their marketing team just isn’t sharp enough. Sometimes it’s because they “dumped” their marketing efforts on an outside firm to do their marketing. And sometimes it’s because there are no clear objectives and metrics to measure success.

However, frequently, their marketing efforts are less than optimal because they’ve missed one critical issue. In fact, you may have missed this issue as well.

But, what if you could literally change all your marketing efforts with one simple tweak, would you be interested?

If all you and your marketing team had to do was to make one simple adjustment to your marketing efforts and you could immediately see an uptick in qualified leads, would you be interested?

If you are, continue reading.

Note: as the business owner/entrepreneur of your business, you shouldn’t be doing all of your marketing on your own. However, if you don’t know how to charge your people or you don’t know how to critique their efforts, then you can’t lead them well. So, as you read this post, don’t think about what you have to do to improve your marketing. Think about how you can better lead your team (internal or external) to generate better high quality leads for your business.

So, what is that one simple tweak?

I. Focus On The Transformation, Not Your Offer

The single most common mistake I see in almost all the marketing efforts and copy I come across is that they’re way too focused on the company and/or their products and services, instead of their prospects’ needs, wants and interests. Even when I explain this to people and then see their marketing copy, they still get it wrong. It’s almost like they’re hard-wired to get this one wrong.

Customers/clients/patients/members all come to you and your business for one thing and one thing only, to get a result that matters to them Something isn’t working and they’re coming to you to get that problem solved. In other words, they’re coming for a transformation. They want to move “from” something “to” something better. That’s it.

It doesn’t matter what your business is, it’s a transformation that your best/ideal customers want from you. Think about it. Why do you make a value exchange with anyone for anything?

  • Why do you go to see a hair stylist?
  • Why do you buy a new piece of software?
  • Why do you use an accountant?
  • Why do you sign up for a coaching program?
  • Why do you go out to eat?
  • Why do you sign up for a gym membership?
  • Why do you go to church (or other religious organization)?
  • Why do you read books?
  • Why do you go on vacation? Etc.

You spend money, just like your prospects and customers, because you want to move from something to something better.

What’s important to realize here is that no matter how good your “thing” is, no one really wants that thing. They want what that thing will do for them (which is, a transformation). Using that old marketing metaphor,

“No one wants a drill. Everyone wants a hole.”

It’s not the thing. It’s the result of your thing that really matters. That’s what customers really want.

So, the first step in immediately improving the quality of your marketing is found in this … STOP talking about your products and services, or your company and START talking about the transformation your ideal prospects want. In other words

  1. STOP: We’re the number one value added reseller in this industry (all about you)
  2. START: Ready to Increase the Efficiencies of Your Internal Workflows by 37% or more (all about the transformation they want)
  3. STOP: We Have 10 Attorneys Listed in the Best Of XYZ City Rankings (all about you)
  4. START: Looking for a Highly Rated Attorney Who Can Protect You From Someone Stealing Your IP (all about the transformation they want)

II. Create a From/To List

Once you own the idea that people want a transformation, then you simply need to get clear on what the transformation is (both in its before and after states).

I find the easiest way to do this is to take out a sheet of paper and a pen, and then to draw two columns (i.e. draw one line down the middle). My second favorite way to do this is to open a MS Word document and then create a two-column table.

In the first column, you want to list out where your prospects are starting out in relationship to what you offer. This is your “From” column and it should be a list of the problems, frustrations, fears, worries, obstacles, needs, wants, aspirations, of your target market.

For example, here’s some of the wording I use in my own “From List” for my target market (which is made up of business owners/entrepreneurs who have between 2-29 employees and $500K-$5M in revenue). In general, they’re frustrated because …

  • Their business isn’t growing (or is growing slowly)
  • They feel overwhelmed
  • They’re cash strapped
  • They’re too engaged in the day-to-day operations of the business
  • They’re stuck in the “Feast or Famine” cycle
  • They have too many employees who are C and D players
  • Too much of the business depends upon them
  • They’re not generating enough leads
  • They’re not closing enough deals
  • They don’t feel good about a number of the roles they have to fill (for example, strategy, hiring, firing, accounting, leadership, management, sales, etc.)
  • They feel that their products/services are pretty ordinary/undifferentiated
  • They feel the the business “owns” them, not the reverse
  • They feel stuck and aren’t sure what to do next,
  • They don’t feel like they’re making enough based on how hard they’re working, etc.

Note: Not all of these are true of everyone who’s a small business owner/entrepreneur—but several of these are usually true for one particular business owner/entrepreneur.

Once you create your “FROM” list, it’s easy to create your “TO” list (i.e. what’s the opposite). For example, in my case, here’s my list.

  • Their business is growing fast
  • They feel in control
  • They’re flush with cash
  • They spend the majority of their time working on the business instead of in it
  • They have consistent, predictable cash flow
  • They only have A and B players on their team
  • None of the business depends upon them anymore
  • They’re generating a ton of leads
  • They’re breaking sales records
  • They feel confident in their role as the business owner/CEO
  • They have remarkable products and services which are clearly differentiated
  • They once again own the business
  • They feel unstuck and have clarity about what to do next
  • They’re making more than enough to fuel their lifestyle and enjoy the fruits of the entrepreneurial life

See how powerful this process is?

It’s far more powerful than listing all the features of what you offer. No one really cares about features. What they really care about is the “After,” the transformation.

Note: some people will care about the features because they’ll often think, “Am I getting my money’s worth?” But that’s frequently foolish thinking. Who cares how many features something has if you can get the result with fewer features? I mean, would you rather watch a course with 100 videos, 50 assignments, 87 mp3s and 23 quizzes or a course with one video that actually got you the result you wanted in 60 mins or less?

So, have you created your From/To list yet?

III. Immediately Deploy Your From/To List In All Your Marketing Copy

Once you have clarity on where your prospects are starting from, that should directly impact all of your marketing copy, as well as sales scripts. You want to be able to immediately connect with the conversation going on inside their heads.

For example, as some of you were reading my From list above, you were probably thinking, “That sounds like me.” I know that from experience because when I’ve shared this list with other business owners/entrepreneurs they frequently say, “That sounds like me.” Exactly.

But even more important than connecting with the From list, you want to focus your copy and words on the To list. Why? Because most healthy people don’t want to remain stuck.They want the transformation. For example, as a business owner/entrepreneur, don’t you want

  • Fast growth
  • To feel in control
  • To be flush with cash
  • To spend the majority of your time working on your business rather than in it
  • To have consistent, predictable cash flow
  • To have a team composed only of A and B players
  • To have a system that’s generating a ton of high quality leads
  • To be breaking sales records regularly
  • Etc.

Of course. And your customers and prospects feel the same. They want the result/the promise/the goal/the “To.”

So, the moment you change all of your marketing efforts from you to them and from your features to the transformation they want, that’s when all of your marketing efforts will take off.

Since the beginning of humanity, we’ve all been infected with a primary drive for self-interest. So, whenever a business connects with our self-interest rather than theirs, they have a much higher probability of generating positive results.

So, if you want to make one simple tweak this week that can immediately impact all your marketing efforts, follow these three simple steps.

  1. Focus on the transformation, not your offer
  2. Create a From/To List
  3. Immediately deploy your From/To List in all your marketing copy

If you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

To your accelerated success!



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