Make it Remarkable:

Make it Remarkable: How to Turn Anything You’re Doing from Ordinary to Extraordinary


If you’re looking for a talk that will motivate your people to be more innovative and creative, while giving them the skills to take anything they’re working on and make it more remarkable, then this is the talk you’ll want. In a world where ordinary products and services no longer satisfy and where ordinary workplaces no longer drive extraordinary productivity, you and your attendees can’t afford to play by the old rules.

Most people like the idea of being remarkable, the problem is, they don’t know how to create it. Seth Godin did us all a favor in Purple Cow by highlighting the need to be remarkable. The problem, of course, is he didn’t share how to do that. This talk does!

Note: While this talk provides tons of practical and tactical ideas for creativity and business growth, it’s also highly motivational and inspirational. Plus, since this process works anytime with anything, those who’ve listened to it over the years also remark that it’s helped them outside of work as well (from reigniting their marriages to improving their parenting to advancing any non-profit causes they’re involved with).

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • They’ll learn a proven five-step process that they can use anytime with anything to make whatever they’re working on more remarkable
  • They’ll learn how to unleash what’s been cramping their creative muscles
  • They’ll learn the four key enhancers that can take their creative juices to the next level so they can create even more remarkable products, services and experiences.
  • They’ll learn how to create a succession of more remarkable products, services and experiences
  • They’ll learn how to ensure that their more remarkable ideas are executed with excellence

Next Step:

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