How to Hire Fast While Scaling

When you’re engaged in scaling your business, you quickly discover that you have to increase the capacity of your business to be able to handle the demand of more customers/clients/members/patients (or whatever nomenclature you use).

And while there are several options for doing this like outsourcing, technology and systematization, eventually you realize you have to hire more people on your team.

But the natural problem you have when you’re scaling your business is … you don’t have a lot of time to devote to hiring—which is very bad news. Why? Because the national average is that most business owners and entrepreneurs only have a 30% success rate in hiring great talent, which, as you know is not a great rate (in school, we call that failing). Even worse, when you’re rushed, the probability for hiring well rarely goes up, it normally goes down.

So, how can you turn that around and increase the probability that you’ll hire great talent while you’re scaling? Well, to discover that, you’ll want to watch this week’s video, simply entitled, How To Hire Fast While Scaling.



To your accelerated success!


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