Highly Effective Leadership:

How to Employ the 7 Key Practices Great Leaders Use to Consistently Deliver Extraordinary Results Through Ordinary People


If anyone wants to grow their business or organization faster, then they have to apply leverage. The fastest, easiest and most powerful leverage tool that any business or organization has in its arsenal is leadership. The problem, of course, is that very few business owners and/or organizational leaders know how to lead well. In essence, they’re leaders by title, not by practice. And that’s a significant problem because no business or organization can consistently grow beyond the capacity of its senior leader.

However, when that senior leader/owner learns how to lead well, everything begins to change. The business starts growing, morale rises, higher quality talent is attracted and retained, marketing efforts are more effective, customer service improves, the level of excellence increases, and problems are overcome.

All it takes is for the owner/senior leader to focus their time and energy on seven things—the seven key practices that great leaders use to consistently deliver extraordinary results through ordinary people. So if you’re looking for a talk that will not only inspire your attendees to be better leaders, but provide them with both a framework and some tools to do so, then this is the talk you’ll want for your next event.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • They’ll learn why their efforts to lead people haven’t produced the kinds of results they’d like in the past
  • They’ll learn the one key paradigm shift that can change everything in their business
  • They’ll learn how to cast a more compelling vision
  • They’ll learn how to raise morale quickly
  • They’ll learn how to be a better delegator
  • They’ll learn why they need a succession of S-curves
  • They’ll learn how to be a better recruiter of talent and team builder and
  • They’ll learn how to create the kind of culture that can drive their business—even when they’re not around