Four Simple Tweaks to Attract More Prospects to Your Business

Ever feel that trying to attract more prospects to your business is just a lot of work? You read or hear about all kinds of strategies and tactics that others are trying and you just feel like, “I’m already overwhelmed and exhausted. Moreover, I don’t have a lot of time or money to invest. I just can’t do anymore.” Ever feel like that?

Well, if you have, I have four simple tweaks you can begin using this week to make what you’re already doing far more effective—and they won’t cost you a lot (or a lot of time). So, what are those four simple tweaks?

1. Change Your Copy From You-Focused to Prospect-Focused

If there’s one thing you can almost guarantee will be true of most marketing pieces from most companies is that they’ll be company-centric vs. customer-centric. They’ll talk about themselves and not their prospects. For example, here’s a typical website home page.

Alexander and Pope Accounting

Welcome to Alexander and Pope Accounting. George Alexander, CPA (BBA Georgetown) and Phillip Pope, CPA, JD (Harvard) started their tax accounting firm in 1997 and have helped over 500 local businesses with their tax issues. Their specialty is family trusts. Ya da Ya da Ya da.

Bored yet? Absolutely. Why? Because it’s all about them. And since we’re all driven by self-interest, company-centric copy doesn’t create interest. In fact, it hinders all lead generation tactics.

So, take a look at your website. Take a look at your brochures. Take a look at all of your marketing collateral. How much of your copy, especially the first part, is all focused on you vs. your prospects? If you’re like most businesses, you’ll be shocked.

To turn that around, you’ll want to focus your copy on your prospects and what they’re interested in. In the case of Alexander and Pope, we could turn that around by writing something like,

Looking for innovative tax strategies that will minimize your tax bill this year? Or are you looking for creative ways to maximize the amount of money you can pass on to your children? If so, contact us at 123-456-7890.

That didn’t take a lot of time to do, did it? But the difference in response is huge.

So, what copy do you need to change (website, brochure, presentation, etc.) from you to them?

2. Reduce Your Core Offerings

Another common mistake a lot of businesses make when they’re marketing themselves is that they try to promote way too many options. You know this experience. You meet someone and when you ask them what they do, they spend 10 minutes explaining everything that they do to you.

Back to Alexander and Pope. Can you imagine going to their accounting website and seeing the following list of specialities.

We specialize in working with public, corporate, non-profit, education, and governmental clients in the fields of aeronautics, biotech, real estate investment trusts, banking, forestry, community associations, construction, and federal agencies in the areas of auditing, financial forensics, information technology, personal financial planning, tax planning, business valuation, and managerial accounting.

Exhausted yet? Absolutely! And would you ever expect them to be experts in all of those things? Not a chance! Especially for a two-person accounting firm 🙂

Now go back and look at your marketing collateral. Imagine you’re a prospect and you know nothing about your company. Would you know, from a quick glance, what your core offering is? What is the primary problem you solve? Or maybe the two or three primary solutions you offer? Is it obvious?

Why is this so critical? Because when people are overwhelmed (which is a good starting point for us to assume people are), they can’t handle large amounts of data. Even worse, when we offer too many options it paralyzes people so they can’t make a decision.

So, if you were going to narrow down the top one to three things you do (max. of five), what would they be?

Once you’re clear on that, go back to your marketing material and reduce down all your offerings to your top handful. Later on people can realize everything you do. But at first glance, they just need to know what you’re the best at.

Even better, once you reduce your offerings down to your few core products and/or services, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your lead gen. activities. And how much time will that take? Not much. You’re cutting out, not adding to.

3. Offer Something Free

No matter who you are, no matter how much money you have, no matter what circumstance you’re in, there’s one word that you and everyone else on the planet loves to see … the one word, FREE!

Yet, despite that, most businesses still don’t use the power of free in their lead gen. activities. Yes, you can find free reports on the websites of internet marketers, but the vast majority of businesses don’t unleash the power of free in their marketing, let alone in their lead gen. activities (i.e. in exchange for an email address or physical address or phone number).

Just look at your lead gen. processes. Where are you using the word, FREE? If not, you’re missing out because the word, free, is simply compelling. Who can resist?

So, what could you give away for free? Is there content that your target market would find helpful that they’d be willing to give away their email address for? Is there some data that they’d love to have access to that you could make available for free? Is there a spreadsheet or simple calculator that they’d find valuable that you could give away?

Could you give away a series of training videos? Could you give away a free ticket? Could you give away a physical product? Note: An ad specialty with your name on it is not perceived to be a free gift! Could you give away a free book? Could you give away free access to an online tool?

What can you give away for free? If you want to generate more leads, then give away something for free, something valuable enough for someone else, who’s an ideal prospect, to give away their contact info for in exchange. Make that simple tweak and your marketing efforts will soar.

4. Make Your Offer Irresistible

You know it’s hokey, but people buy billions of dollars of stuff on The Home Shopping Network and commercials because, “If you buy in the next five minutes, we’ll not only send you one Gizmo X, we’ll send you two. But wait, there’s more. If you buy in the next two minutes, we’ll add in Express Shipping at no additional charge to you. Plus, we’ll give you a special bonus Gizmo Y, which normally retails for $49.97. So, for just $19.97, you get not one, but two Gizmo Xs, free Express Shipping and a special bonus, Gizmo Y. That is, if you order in the next two minutes.”

There’s something powerful about the irresistible offer. Last month, two internet marketers, Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime, launched a new product called Video Genesis. Typically, these days, a big launch like this sells a $1,997 product with affiliates scrambling to get a piece of that action. However, this product was on sale for only three payments of $97 or one payment of $247.

But, what was interesting from watching different affiliate offers was how big the numbers were for what the affiliates were offering. Something like, “If you buy Video Genesis through our link, we’ll give you our core $10,000 course, plus our $2,997 course, plus we’ll give you a full year’s access to our automated software product to promote your videos.”

Now, think about that for a moment. For just $247, you can get access to $15,000 worth of bonuses. Does that work? Absolutely! Which is why over 7,000 people bought Video Genesis. Do the math. With bonuses and upsells (including continuity), it was a very good day for Andy and Mike.

So, take a look at your offers. What about them is compelling and irresistible? Everyone loves a deal. So what can you add to your offers to make them more irresistible? The more irresistible your offers are, the more prospects you’re going to have coming to your website or knocking on your door or calling your office.

So, which of these four tweaks do you need to make to ratchet up your lead gen. activities so you’re able to attract more highly qualified, ideal, prospects to your business? Whatever they are, start making them this week. Your pipeline is waiting!

To your accelerated success!

P.S. If you have some other simple tweaks, feel free to add them in the comments section below (or click here >> if you’re reading this by email or RSS feed)

Photo from Flickr and Adam Barlet

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