What are the greatest obstacles and challenges you’re wrestling with to grow your business?

If you’d like help accelerating the solution to those problems/issues, you’ll want to contact us for our consulting services as soon as possible. Some of the more common interventions we’re called in to help small business owners and executives with are:

Formulating strategies that create competitive advantages

  • Translating their strategies into meaningful tactics
  • Addressing critical challenges and identify their highest value opportunities
  • Creating customized solutions, programs and/or training
  • Establishing actions, accountabilities, resources and measures, and
  • Transforming their basic business model

Using a collaborative process, which begins with the definition of your objectives and outcomes, and continues on through the successful transfer of skills to your and your team, as well as the achievement of the your objectives and outcomes—we continue to work with you.

A sampling of some of the times when you may want to consider contacting us would be when you want to …

  •  Create a new growth initiative
  •  Develop a new business/corporate strategy
  •  Increase your revenues or profits or market share
  •  Establish a leadership development process
  •  Improve your levels of client loyalty and customer experience
  •  Enhance employee morale and retention
  •  Improve your executive communication and vision casting
  •  Create a new company brand or marketing strategy, and/or
  •  Develop (or redesign) a new system or organizational structure

How Does the Process Get Started?

Since we’re a process-oriented consultancy, we always start with you and what you want to achieve. As we seek to clarify what that means for you, we’ll help you define your objectives, measures and value in relationship to this engagement.

  1. Objectives – What ultimate outcomes do you want to achieve?
  2.  Measures – How will we know we’ve achieved them?
  3. Value – What’s the real value to you of achieving these objectives?

Once we’ve agreed on the objectives, measures and value, we’ll provide you with a proposal that will outline a variety of options for you to choose from. As soon as you select which option you’d like us to work on, we can usually begin working on your issue virtually immediately (depending on the nature of the engagement and the coordination of schedules). And since we’re a process-oriented consultancy, your engagement will be completely customized to you and your business.

Why Hire Us at Wired To Grow?

We think you’ll want to use us because we’re a one-stop shop for strategy and growth consulting for small business owners and executives (CEOs, Presidents, Executive Directors, and Managing Partners). When it comes to finding an advisor, you don’t want someone who only has one tool in their toolbox (let’s say, marketing or finance). You want an advisor who has a full toolbox, who’s been where you are, and who possesses both the expertise and processes to help you (or you and your team) achieve the objectives you want.

In addition, we think you’ll want to use us because

  1. We’re led by a serial entrepreneur who’s built a multi-million dollar business from the ground up so he knows what you’re going through.
  2.  We’re a process-oriented consultancy: Unlike a lot of consultants and consultancies, we never enter into an engagement with a fixed solution in mind. Every situation is unique and requires someone who’s willing to listen and pay attention—and then help a group of people through a process that will solve their problem. Since you and your business are unique, you deserve a unique solution that fits you, your team and your situation.
  3. We’re a result-focused consultancy: Everything we do is focused on achieving remarkable results for you. We’re pretty sure that you really don’t care about three-ring binders full of notes and reports (that end us sitting on shelves). What you want are results–as fast as possible–which is why we’re always focused on results. In addition, we’ll also stay with you until you achieve the results you set out to achieve, which is why we’re a value-based fee consultancy.
  4.  We’re a client-centered consultancy. While some consultants and consultancies start from the assumption that they know more than their clients do, we start from the opposite assumption. We assume that you know more about your content area than we do. That doesn’t mean we don’t have intellectual property that we’ll contribute, rather it means that we prefer to focus our time and energies on taking you through a collaborative process that draws out of you and your team your best, and most likely to be implemented, solutions (not something a newly minted MBA might dream up and put on a chart).
  5.  We have a clear point of view. You can pick this up in our name. We’re all about intentional growth–and the faster the better (as long as it’s sustainable). Plus, we’re absolutely clear that no organization can consistently perform at a level above their senior leader–which is why we always focus a significant portion of our attention on growing you as the primary leader of your business. As you grow, so does your business. So if growing both you and your business matters to you, then we ought to select us as your consulting firm of choice.
  6. We’re a value-based fee consultancy. If you’d like to learn more about why a value-based fee structure is better for you than a time-based one (where you pay by the hour), you’ll want to read our article on “Why Choose Value-Based Fees.” But, suffice it to say, all the benefits accrue to you when you have a fixed cost investment that’s based on the value of the engagement.

Now that you know who we work with, how we work and what we do,if you’re interested in discussing a possible consulting arrangement, then contact us as soon as possible through one of the ways listed on our Contact Us page.