The WTG Coaching Club

Ready to Build a More Scalable and Successful Version of Your Business So You Can Fully Enjoy Being an Owner Again

The WTG Coaching Club is a transformative group coaching experience designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs like you become great at building more scalable and successful businesses—businesses that are systems-dependent, not owner-dependent so they grow faster, generate more profit, and provide you with more freedom and less stress. If any of that sounds interesting, keep reading.

Why Consider Joining A Coaching Club

There are a number of reasons why you should consider a coaching club. For example …

  • To grow your business faster, especially if it’s been on a plateau or experiencing slow growth
  • To improve your cash flow and profitability
  • To build a business that’s not completely dependent upon you so you can get your life back
  • To generate more revenue
  • To be able to take more time off
  • To build a more differentiated brand
  • To become a better leader and/or manager of your business
  • To find camaraderie with a group of people who actually get you (and aren’t part of your business), and/or
  • To get new ideas that you can take back and implement in your business

If any of these resonate with you, you should consider joining the WTG Coaching Club.

Helped Me Sell My First Company Within Six Months For More Money

“After our first meeting, where Bruce talked about the need to systematize our entire business into a BRB (Business Run Book), I made it one of my first quarterly projects to do just that. And because of the accountability, I made sure it got done before our next coaching club meeting (otherwise, it probably wouldn’t have been done). A few weeks later, I was contacted by someone who wanted to buy my business—and did so specifically because the entire operations of my business were all systematized. That was a quick ROI (and I received a higher valuation because of my BRB). Having sold that company, I decided to stay in coaching club because I want to scale up my new business faster and more effectively than my previous one so I can eventually build out a portfolio of companies I own.”

Brent Tatum

Owner and CEO, Two Mosquito Squad Franchises

We’ve More Than Doubled Our Number Of New Clients In Just Three Months vs. All Of Last Year

“Over the past few decades my wife and I have grown a nice little firm that’s provided well for the two of us. However, in February of this year, we came across Bruce and his course, Double It: How to Double Your Business in the Next 12, 24 or 36 Months . After purchasing and listening to that course, we decided we wanted more. We decided it was time to scale up our business. And in light of that decision, we decided to join the WTG coaching club in mid-March and began working with Bruce on our growth accelerators, constraint eliminators and business model (along with a number of other issues). And the good news is that the results have been pretty significant. We’re already signed up 2.5X our number of new clients vs. all of last year and we’re planning to double that number by year’s end. We’re also growing our team. We’re investing in new technology. We’re ratcheting up our marketing. We’re creating systems. Basically, we’re having a blast growing our business again.”

Doug Alexander

Founder, Better Life Financial

Why Consider Joining the Wired To Grow Coaching Club

Fair question. Here are several reasons why you should consider choosing the Wired To Grow Coaching Club.

1.  We Provide the Accountability You Need

As the person at the top of your business, it’s easy to get away with not getting things done—or pushing projects from quarter to quarter. However, when you join coaching club, you’ll finally have the kind of accountability you need because you’ll have to report back to us as your “unofficial Board of Directors” each time we meet.

2. We Specifically Focus on Helping You Build a More Scalable Business

In order to get free of your business, you have to design and build your business so that it’s not dependent upon you but on systems that can scale so that if your business were to get 10X your current customers this quarter, you could handle it. Every part of your business needs to be able to scale from your strategy and marketing to your sales and hiring to your cash and operations. Everything.

3. We Provide You With The Insights You Need to Build a More Successful Business

It is possible to build a scalable business that’s not successful, but why?  You want a business that’s both scalable and successful. You want a well-balanced business that’s going to grow for years to come, which is why we focus on every part of your business, not just marketing or sales.

4. We Only Work With Business Owners Who Want to Employ People

The WTG Coaching Club is completely focused on helping business owners and/or entrepreneurs who are leading businesses that have employees (usually between 2-29 employees), are in the $500K-$5M revenue range, and who want to grow a scalable business that will employ more people (in other words, the WTG Coaching Club is NOT for solopreneurs).

5. We Meet Once a Quarter in Person, Not Monthly

Your time is valuable. Getting away from your “office” once a month for a full-day group coaching experience is way too much time away for most business owners and/or entrepreneurs. Plus, thirty days is rarely enough time to implement and get results from a new initiative or project. So, instead of taking you away from your business every month, we work with you in a way that not only works with your schedule but also gives you enough time to make significant change.

Note: We do have a monthly webinar and a monthly Q&A call as part of your coaching club membership, but you don’t have to leave your office to attend either (plus, they’re recorded if you can’t make one in real-time).

6. We Use an Intentionally Designed Curriculum

A lot of group coaching businesses have no clear direction or pathway they’re leading their members through. They meet and discuss whatever’s on the mind of the members of the group for that day. However, we actually have a 3-year intentionally designed curriculum that we take you through to help you become great at building a more scalable and successful business.

7. We’re Professional Communicators

You don’t deserve cookie cutter content delivered in a boring fashion from someone reading from a manual. You deserve cutting edge content that’s practical and relevant, delivered by a master teacher who knows how to make your learning experience exceptional.

We’re Up 22% in Revenue and Have Reduced Our Debt By $180,000 in Just Nine Months

“Coaching club has made a big difference for me and my company. Bruce’s guidance has helped me transition out some staff, become a better leader and delegator, enhance my marketing efforts and grow my business. Within the first nine months, we’re up around 22% in revenue, we’ve gone from a negative margin to 10% and we’ve reduced our debt by $180,000. Plus, I’m getting ready to launch a new “sub co” as a result of coaching club that we’re going national with shortly. Oh, and one more thing, the people in coaching club are great. We’re not just business owners getting together, we’re now friends.”

Vince Feummeler

Owner and CEO, Information Management and Securities

This Program Will Be PERFECT For You If

  • You want to grow a more scalable and successful business
  • You’re self-motivated and want to become a great business leader
  • You have a business with employees and want to hire more (to create more leverage)
  • You’re willing to share ideas and experiences with other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs
  • You want to build a business where you aren’t the center of everything in your business (which will allow you to have lots of options and freedom)

Love the Step-By-Step Playbooks I Can Immediately Put to Use When I Get Back Home

“There are a number of things I love about coaching club but the top two are one, I love the playbooks and detailed instruction Bruce gives us. He’s a master of both the big picture and the little details so that when we leave a coaching club meeting, we walk away with both “the what” and “the how”. Then when I get back to my office, I find myself regularly going back to review my detailed notes from coaching club to spur on new ideas. The second is the diversity of businesses present. When I go to events in my industry, we all think the same way. However, when I’m engaged in coaching club, I get to interact with businesses from different industries which helps me get out of my world and how I see things so that new creative solutions begin to pop in my mind or someone suggests an idea that I never would have thought of.”

Ryan White

President, DTI

We’ve Grown Almost 6X Since We Started Working With Bruce

“Unlike most coaching club members, my husband and I have worked with Bruce for a number of years to help scale our business. Which is why, when he decided to start his coaching club, I was one of the first to say, “Yes!” And I haven’t been disappointed. Even though I’ve heard Bruce teach for years, I’m continually learning new things that I had never heard from him before. In fact, every time I come home from a coaching club meeting, my team knows I’ll be bringing home a whole packet of tactics, strategies and worksheets for us to begin to implement. It’s one of the things I appreciate about Bruce. He’s continually learning and sharing new ideas and tactics with us so that even though I’ve turned to him for advice for years, he’s always bringing something new to the table. Plus, his ability to discern which ideas to apply to which issues is uncanny. Finally, I really appreciate the camaraderie and friendships I’ve formed in coaching club, plus the accountability to make sure we’re getting done what we said we’d do.”

Suzi Cusack

Co-Owner, TruPlace

This Program Will NOT Be a Good Fit For You If

  • You don’t like being held accountable
  • You don’t want to hire people or create leverage through them
  • You have a tendency to be negative or blame others for lack of results
  • You get stuck in analysis paralysis and are slow to implement
  • You don’t like sharing your ideas and intellectual property with others
  • You need to control everything

Three Promises We Make to Everyone in Coaching Club

As with anything we do here at Wired To Grow, we make three promises to you.

  1. We’ll help you build a more scalable version of your business
  2. We’ll help you build a more successful business
  3. We’ll help you become a better business leader

And the end results of those three things will be

  1. Your business will grow faster (we challenge every member to grow by at least 25% so, at a minimum, they double every three years)
  2. You’ll make more money (we focus on profitable growth in coaching club, not just revenue growth)
  3. You’ll have more freedom (since your business will soon be systems-dependent vs. owner-dependent)
  4. You’ll have less stress (since you’ll no longer be in charge of “everything” and you’ll have systems in place to produce predictable and consistent results)
  5. You’ll have a business that runs well with or without you (so you’ll get to decide how little or how much you want to be present)

If any of that sounds interesting to you, make sure you fill out the form below to schedule a 10-minute FIT call to see if the WTG Coaching Club is a perfect fit for you and your business.

After 23 Years in Business, I’m Finally Building a Business That’s Not Dependent on Me

“I just started working with Bruce and his coaching club a few months ago but what I can tell you is that this is the best I’ve felt in years. After 23 years in business, I’m finally starting to build a business that’s not dependent on me. I’m getting it organized. I’m putting systems in place. I’m starting to hold people accountable. We’ve transitioned out some people. We’re putting controls in place. I’m hiring better, etc. And the end result of all that is that we’re beating sales each month, morale is soaring, and I’m now confident that I can take my local brand and make it a regional one.”

Kurt Weinberger

Owner and CEO, King Bean Coffee Roasters

Your Next Step: A 10-Minute FIT Call

In order to determine if we might be a good fit for one another, the next step is to simply fill out the interest form below to schedule a 10-minute FIT call. During our brief 10-minute conversation, I’ll simply ask you a few questions to help you get some clarity on what you want to achieve as well as what’s keeping you from achieving those results. If, after 10-minutes, I think coaching club can help you get where you want to go faster, we’ll set up a follow up call to talk about your business and coaching club in more depth.

In other words, you have nothing to lose. In just 10-minutes, you’ll know if coaching club is worth your time and effort (wihtout having to block out an hour of your time). So, take 10 minutes and discover if coaching club might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. To get started, just fill out the form below.

Note: As you’ll notice below, there are three qualifications that need to be met in order to secure one of these limited 10-minute FIT calls.

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