Breaking Through Plateaus:

How to Get Your Business Back on a Double-Digit Growth Curve By Creating a Culture That Automatically Produces It


Most business (small, medium and large) aren’t growing, they’re either plateaued or in decline. It’s not that they’re not trying to grow. They’re trying all kinds of ideas and tactics—ideas and tactics that have worked for other businesses—and yet they’re not for theirs. Why?

After studying this problem for several decades, I’ve come to the conclusion that the problem is a cultural problem, more than a tactical one. In other words, when a business or organization has the right culture, they can take a tactic, employ it, and see great results. On the other hand, if a company has the wrong culture, they can try the same tactic and yet won’t see the same kinds of results that the right culture company will.

Which is why this talk helps your attendees learn how to create the right culture. And once they have the right culture in place, they’ll begin to see that the right culture will begin to automatically produce growth.

Note: This talk is based on my book by the same title. In a sixty-minute framework, I can address five of these culture drivers. And in a two-hour (or longer) framework, I can address all ten. My experience has been that trying to address all ten items in sixty minutes is overkill and way too much for most people to listen to and apply. Feels like the proverbial, “trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose.”

What Your Attendees Will Learn

  • They’ll learn why their current efforts to grow seem to be stymied
  • They’ll learn about the importance of culture and why it’s their 24/7 leadership tool
  • They’ll learn the five (or ten) most important culture drivers (like speed of implementation) that when employed, can accelerate their growth
  • They’ll learn a whole slew of tactical and practical ideas they can begin to use next week to change their company culture
  • They’ll learn what role they play in shaping culture and why they can’t delegate this to someone else
  • They’ll learn how to automate and systemize their growth