Beyond Starbucks, Southwest and Nordstroms:

How Everyday Businesses Like Yours Can Create and Deliver Remarkable Customer Experiences That Can Dramatically Increase Customer Retention and Referrals


One of the problems with most customer service talks is that they tend to use the same old stories from the same old companies (i.e. they’re boring). But the more fundamental problem with those talks is that most businesses aren’t multi-billion dollar companies with hundreds or thousands of locations. They’re small businesses in local and regional markets trying to win the hearts, minds and wallet share of a rather finicky group of people.

So, how do regular everyday small and medium-sized businesses create the kinds of customer experiences that cause those customers to not only return over and over again, but to refer more and more people to them? That’s what this talk is all about. It’s about providing normal everyday businesses with a simple process they can use immediately to start creating and delivering more remarkable customer experiences so they can create more and more raving fans!

What Attendees Will Learn

  • They’ll learn a five-step process they can use over and over again to continually keep increasing a customer’s experience with them
  • They’ll learn how to eliminate all unWOW
  • They’ll learn why they have to manage every little part of the customer experience
  • They’ll learn how to define their service standards
  • They’ll learn why great customer service is a never-ending process
  • They’ll learn how to create systems that will ensure a consistent customer experience so that great customer experiences aren’t dependent on who a customer interacts with
  • They’ll learn how to keep testing their systems to optimize the customer experience