Want to Be a Better Leader?

In recognition of renaming my business this week from Accelerated Growth Consulting to Wired to Grow, I’ve decided to create a special offer of two of my products that every leader, like you, needs to master if you want to grow a bigger, better, faster and more profitable business.

1. Personality Type Leadership: How to Lead People Who Don’t Think, Act and Feel Like You.

The two major mistakes that most leaders make are 1. They tend to treat everyone the same way and 2. The way they tend to treat them is the way they like to be treated. The problem, of course, is that most of the people on planet earth are unlike you or me. Trying to lead them like us is simply a recipe for failure.

That’s why this 5 CD/DVD course will help you learn how to speed read your people so that you can know how to better lead them, encourage them, motivate them, use them, and train them. You’ll also learn how to create the right environments for them to flourish, how to spot them, how to communicate with them and how they can be better utilized for greater impact.

If you want to be a better leader, then use the coupon code NEWNAME25 (at checkout) to get $25 off the normal price of Personality Type Leadership. Note: This coupon code only works on this product.


2. Delegation Mastery: How to Stop Dumping and Start Delegating

If you’re tired of being overwhelmed and/or tired of being frustrated with your employees, then you’ll definitely want to get a hold of Delegation Mastery ASAP. I’ve watched clients literally turn around their businesses and departments in just a few weeks using the content from this 2 CD/DVD product.

To take advantage of this offer, just enter the coupon code of NEWNAME15 to get $15 off the normal price of Delegation Mastery. And again, this coupon code only works on this product.


Even better, if you take advantage of both, you can save yourself $40 (which is just a few dollars shy of getting the online version of Delegation Mastery for free!).

So don’t waste any time. This offer is only good for the next few days as a way of celebrating the change of my company name to Wired To Grow! In other words, do yourself a favor RIGHT NOW and pick up one or both of these tools to help you become a better leader. Wouldn’t it be great to enter into 2012 knowing that, not only are you a better leader with less stress, but your people are more productive and effective?

To your accelerated success!

www.PersonalityTypeLeadership.com (NEWNAME25)

www.DelegationMastery.net (NEWNAME15)



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