How to Generate an Avalanche of New Leads and Prospects In Order to Rapidly Grow Your Business


As you know, business is a numbers game. Unfortunately, not enough business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals act like that. They tend to hope that they’ll get enough customers/clients to provide them with income they’d like, but they don’t have a system to continually provide them with a virtual stream of new customers and clients day after day, week after week, and month after month.

However, to get a stream of new customers/clients, a business has to have a larger stream of serious prospects (since no business consistently converts 100% of their prospects). And to have a larger stream of serious prospects, a business has to have an even bigger stream of new (and better qualified) leads.

So what this talk does is it helps your attendees understand how they can literally create an avalanche of new leads and prospects by creating the right systems, selecting the right strategies and then crafting the right offers so that their business has a 24/7/365 client attraction process in place.

In other words, if you want to help your attendees grow their businesses faster and generate more revenue this year, then you’ll want to select this talk for your event this year.

What Attendees Will Learn

  • They’ll learn why their current client attraction systems aren’t generating the results they’d like
  • They’ll learn how to think like their target market (and then communicate with them more effectively)
  • They’ll learn how to create an ongoing marketing system that utilizes campaigns vs. one-off strategies
  • They’ll learn how to craft better marketing messages and offers that incentivize behavior
  • They’ll learn how to select the right marketing strategies for the right audience
  • They’ll learn why selecting the media option (for ex. direct mail or email) is the fourth question they need to answer, not the first
  • They’ll learn how to automate the above processes so that they don’t just add more work on to an already full plate

Your Next Step:

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