Bruce D. Johnson

Are You An Enabling Leader?

I was leading a leadership training session this morning on the eight key practices of exceptional leaders. One of the eight is that exceptional leaders, “Solve Problems and Raise Standards.” The former is remedial and the later, progressive—one fixes what’s broken...

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Are You Making Enough Offers?

Do you ever find yourself complicating how to grow your own business so that it’s difficult to solve your own growth problems? Well, if you do, here’s one simple way to strip business growth down to its core. The growth of your business is directly related to the...

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How to Write a Vision Statement

As you know, every company or organization ought to have a great vision statement–a single clear statement of their preferred future. However, as you’ve also probably noticed, most “vision” statements aren’t very visionary. In fact, you may feel that way about...

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Get a Daily Cash Report

One of the more common weaknesses for most business owners and entrepreneurs is money management. It’s not that they don’t like money, it’s that they don’t feel confident managing it. So, instead of managing it, they focus on the things they like doing–like...

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