Bruce D. Johnson

4 Things Confident Leaders Do

As you know, there are leaders and then there are Leaders. Small “l” leaders are leaders by position. Capital “L” leaders are leaders because of influence and their ability to deliver remarkable results. Just because someone is a business owner or entrepreneur (or CEO...

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What’s Your Market Telling You?

Every market is constantly speaking. The question is, “Are you listening?” Sometimes markets speak through silence. Sometimes they speak through outright rejection of an idea or product. Sometimes they speak through feedback and comments, often suggesting adjustments...

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5 Keys to Raising Morale Fast

It happens to all of us. Your team was excited about what you do, but now they’re not. Depending on your circumstances it might be because you’re losing market share to a gorilla that just moved near you, or you’re not going to hit your numbers for the quarter, or you...

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How to 10X Your Business

When you sit down to think about growing your business, how do you get started? In other words, what are the first few questions you ask yourself to get your brain engaged? If you’re like most business owners and/or entrepreneurs, chances are you start by asking...

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