If you’re a business owner and/or entrepreneur of a service-based business and you want to build a more scalable and successful business that grows faster, generates more profits and does so while reducing your labor intensity, you’re in the right place.

Building a Business Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

You didn’t start your business so you could be overwhelmed, exhausted, tired, frustrated and stressed out.You started your business with a dream—a dream to build something great that would make a difference for others while offering you (and those you love) freedom and opportunity.Which is why we exist. We exist to help people like you fulfill your dreams by coming alongside and helping you build a business that does what you do so that it can operate with or without you (your choice).

Believe It Or Not, You Can Be Free

If you want to have options, building a scalable small business is the best option for you. When you choose to build a business like this you’re choosing to.

  • Build a business that does what you do (i.e. build a systems-dependent business vs. an owner-dependent business)
  • Build a business that can handle a rapid influx of new customers without requiring more time or effort from you
  • Build a business that works like a marketing and sales machine with a predictable and consistent inflow of new leads and customers
  • Build a business your customers love because they know they’ll get a consistent and predictable result regardless of whom they’re interacting with
  • Build a business that can grow with mere mortals (though we’re clearly in favor of hiring as many exceptionally talented people as you can profitably hire)

The Benefits Of Building a Scalable Business

When you choose to build a more scalable small business (and don’t worry, we’ll help you get there), the following benefits accrue to you and your business.

  • Your business will grow faster (without killing you)
  • You’ll create a cash generating machine (and your profits will soar)
  • You’ll get your life back (which means you’ll have lots of options)
  • You’ll have a company that can grow without depending upon finding lots of exceptionally talented people
  • You’ll increase your operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • You’ll have more predictable revenue streams
  • You’ll have a more valuable asset that will attract a higher multiple (if or when you decide to sell)
  • You’ll have a huge competitive advantage over your competitors

So if any of that sounds interesting to you, you’ll want to contact us immediately because helping people like you achieve these kinds of results is exactly what we do.

About Wired To Grow

We’re a business growth coaching, consulting and executive education firm that helps business owners and entrepreneurs become great at building more scalable and successful businesses.

Because we take a very holistic view of business, we’re passionate about a lot of things. For example, we’re passionate about

  • Systems and scalability
  • Strategy and strategic thinking
  • Leadership and management
  • Marketing, sales and customer service
  • Cash, finance and accounting
  • Execution and accountability
  • Optimization and innovation
  • Productivity and mindsets
  • Learning and staff development

We love it all. Why? Because business is a whole game. Why would you ever trust a company that doesn’t love it all? Or get that, in a system, every part matters? If you want to work with a company that gets it and loves it all, make sure you contact us ASAP and check out our WTG Coaching Club.

About Our Founder

Bruce D. Johnson is a business growth strategist and the author of, “Breaking Through Plateaus.”

He’s also the creator of, “Personality Type Leadership,” “Delegation Mastery,” “Attract More Clients Like Clockwork,” Double It: How to Double Your Business in the Next 12, 24, or 36 Months,” and, “The Obvious Choice Blueprint.”

He’s an expert in the areas of business growth, strategic planning, leadership, systems thinking and development, positioning, and marketing to attract and retain more clients and customers.He graduated with a B.B.A. in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He then took an unusual turn and spent the next 22 years of his life in church ministry (including earning his M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL), the last fifteen and a half of those at a church he started with two families that grew to two thousand people and $2.7 million in revenues.

So, he knows what it’s like to sit in your chair. He knows what it’s like to start from nothing and then build something large. He knows what it’s like to cast vision, inspire people, build teams, solve problems, innovate new approaches, create systems, raise money, build facilities, grow new organizations, provide customer service, execute plans, and ensure alignment. And, on top of all that, he’s also given over 1,000 different presentations.

A sampling of some of his clients have included organizations and companies like Citigroup, IBM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Suburban Propane, eGroup, The Maryland Soccerplex, TruPlace, Maple Life Insurance, Profitable Properties, FileBound, Open Text, DTI, The Association of Information and Image Management, The National Institutes of Health, Montgomery County Government, The Vacation Rental Managers Association, the National Sports Performance Association, Hyland Software, Shulman Rogers, McCay Kiddy, Fulcrum Staffing, OptWorx and a number of large churches.

He currently lives in Mount Pleasant, SC, a suburb of Charleston, SC, with his wife, Jacquie (celebrating 32+ years of marriage) and they have two adult daughters, two sons-in-law and their first grandchild on the way.

Bruce is a past board member and membership chair for the Mount Pleasant Business Association. In addition, he’s also a sponsor and advisor for the Harbor Accelerator, as well as a member of Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.